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Yooka Labs is an industry leader in paid social advertising, eCommerce conversion and lead generation.

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Performance Marketing

Our Team is compensated in accordance to your account’s performance, we only do well when you do well.
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Clear Process to Revenue

Our Campaigns have timeline focused goal that are measured on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
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Global Reach

We help companies in the US, EU, and Asia reach customers all over the globe even in difficult markets such as China.

A Clear Path to Revenue

As your full-service agency partner, we bring a strong competitive advantage to your social media & search marketing strategy. We deliver multiple results simultaneously, capitalizing on paid media and earned media. Exceptional social media identities that build lasting results while addressing your immediate ROI are our trademark. We build engagement and brand loyalty, turning your audience into brand ambassadors. We select the right platforms, help you identify the right goals and the right performance indicators, while delivering a strong ROI.

Omnipresent Advertising

We surround your future customer, existing customers and competitor audiences with interest based content, contextual ads across all distribution channels.

Yooka hyper focuses on the specific channels that can be optimized for quick wins and concurrently implements long term campaigns to build our business through ROI-focused marketing.

Janice, CEO of Aqua Peel

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1. Instagram Ads

Instagram is the 2nd most engaging social platform guides 80% of all purchase decisions.
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2. Facebook Ads

You simply can’t afford to miss out on the one-fourth of the world that is present on Facebook. We are you favorite marketer’s favorite marketer for Facebook Ads.
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3. Google Ads & SEO

Google Adwords is far from dead. The right PPC & Display campaigns can uncover new leads and revenue.
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4. Organic Content creation

Attention is the foundation of sales and we craft am organic content strategy that speaks into the heart of your future customers.
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5. Email Marketing

Segmenting your leads and customers into the proper email campaigns can 2x+ your business.
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As successful past tech startup founders ourselves, we know the struggle and always on the latest cutting edge for growth.
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We bring the cutting edge to all SMBs business owners for digital growth so they can focus on what they do best.
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As e-commerce store owners ourselves we know the ins and outs to monetizing a e-commerce brand properly.
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Aqua Peel Case Study

When Aqua Peel first connected with Yooka Labs, the beauty brand was a self-described “mom and pop” ecommerce store that only made a few thousand dollars in revenue every month.

After Aqua Peel had achieved some brand awareness and we identified the winning ads with our Graduation Ad Testing Framework we changed its objective from awareness to conversions and started using Facebook’s dynamic ads. Dynamic ads automatically promote the most relevant products to remind people what products they have already looked at. In this case, people saw exfoliating products that were based on the products they had viewed on the Aqua Peel website.


The new Facebook/Instagram ad strategy definitely paid off. Aqua Peel has doubled its revenue every 2–3 months and grown from thousands in annual revenue into a million-dollar business, from a home warehouse into a factory, and from 3 to 10 employees. This March 2018–April 2019 campaign delivered:

4.1X average return on ad spend
2.6X increase in purchases
$311,323 increase in revenue


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