3 Pillars of Facebook & Instagram Ads to Augment Enrollment For Your School

We’ve successfully helped a premier accredited college increase enrollment by 33% by tapping into Facebook & Instagram alone. With two billion+ people using Facebook & Instagram every month, they are a powerful advertising tool for schools that can help you augment enrollment by reaching even more potential students.

1. Retargeting: Get in front of prospects who have visited your websites but have not enrolled. This is low hanging fruit and the easiest way to get your bang for your buck when starting out. Whether they came to you from SEO, Google Ads, or other methods you can get in front of them again through Facebook remarketing. Keep in mind that you’ll have to set up the Facebook pixel on your website and segment the proper custom audiences for this to work effectively.

2. Build Cold Audiences: educate new prospects who have never heard of you with content or videos that educates on your curriculum and career opportunities after graduation. Test new audiences with lookalike audiences based on emails of past students or find people who are interested in your curriculum field through Interest based targeting. 

3. Build Hot Audiences: once you’ve educated new audiences on the benefits of your curriculum, retarget this audience with ads that prompt them to speak to admissions or drives them to events such as Open Houses. Make sure your landing pages are polished before running these types of ads. 

Running Facebook ads is one of the most complex skill sets in the digital ecosystem however these are the fundamental PILLARS that will set your school up for success. 

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