How to Blow Out Your Open House

Hosting open house events, where prospective students can get a firsthand look at your school’s campus, hear about its great programs, HOWEVER most schools completely drop the ball. Here’s our

Why You NEED a CRM

Does your school use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool? Are you planning on acquiring a CRM software solution soon? Or are you still on the fence about spending for

Creating Killer Registration Forms that CONVERT

Whether it’s your contact us page or Open House inquiry page, there are key elements to make sure people fill out a FORM.  If it’s an Open House landing page,

Hiring a Marketing Agency vs. In-House

Who is This Guide For? This is aimed at business owners and senior marketing officials who are not sure if they need to hire a digital agency, or their own

7 ADVANCED SEO Tactics for Your School

1. Setup The Google Search Console The Google Search Console is a VERY powerful free SEO tool. This tool is designed to help you track your site’s performance in Google

Multiethnic group of young students standing together, education and youth concept

Google Ads (previously called Adwords) is a powerful ad platform that shows your School first in the search results by paying for certain keywords. 1. Youtube Ads  As the second

Your Partner in Digital

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