Creating Killer Registration Forms that CONVERT

Whether it’s your contact us page or Open House inquiry page, there are key elements to make sure people fill out a FORM

If it’s an Open House landing page, the content of that landing page has to convince them to take time out of their weekend and make the trip — no matter the distance — to spend the day on your campus. Sending them via a Call-to-Action (CTA) to an “Open House Form” hosted by your admissions platform isn’t enough. You have to take into consideration that someone who chooses to visit the open house section of your website will want more information before they sign up. 

An open house landing page optimized to increase submissions has the following elements:

  • Value propositions
  • A video about the school
  • A short form that only asks for the information required for them to attend an open house
  • Information with dates, times, and what they will learn at each open house
  • Testimonials (within the video

In addition to the landing page content, your form should also send them to a “thank you” page. 

Your “thank you” page should have the following elements:

  • Obviously thank them and put contact details 
  • Offer at least one more call-to-action to further bring them down the funnel, or provide content — such as blogs and news


Page Pops are an extremely effective make sure your open house invite is seen:

Consider adding a Page Pop to promote your open house on the following pages:

  • The Homepage: Current students can easily select the “don’t show again” option to enhance their website experience. 
  • All Admissions Pages: If someone is visiting your admissions section on your site, they are clearly interested in learning more about your school — so adding a page pop to any of these pages is relevant and a good idea.
  • Prospective Entry Points: Use Google Analytics for a list of your top website entry points, and use that to determine any other pages outside of your Admission section that might be a draw for prospects — such as academics or campus life.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIN
  • Pinterest
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