Why You NEED a CRM

Does your school use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool? Are you planning on acquiring a CRM software solution soon? Or are you still on the fence about spending for it? Whatever your thoughts are about CRM tools, GET IT.


1. Connect With Prospects

The main purpose of your school’s CRM solution is to engage both your prospective and current families. CRM systems help you to better understand your prospects through their history and their current stage in their buyer’s journey. Your CRM tool creates and presents each relationship, accessible from a single, consistent interface called a dashboard.

Your CRM solution stores all information about your students and their families. It consolidates paper files into a single database which can easily be tracked and opened.

This centralized system empowers you and your staff to enhance your services by promptly responding to your families and delighting them as well.


2. Efficient Growth

As your CRM solution helps you align your school’s processes with how your staff operates, it also sets up an environment where they can become more efficient.

Here are examples of how CRMs can achieve this:

  • Do away with repetitive, manual tasks and adopt automated workflows.
  • Manage all your school’s workflows and processes from a single system. You can even assign each workflow with its own dashboard.
  • Ensure successful interactions with your leads. Plot the “right message at the right time”. Train your staff to proceed through your workflows with guided steps.
  • Improve communication and collaboration between your staff and departments. Share information on a single platform that all of them can access and view.
  • Boost productivity within your departments. Your CRM can prompt you on what actions need to be taken or if there are missed tasks, saving valuable time.


3. Create Your Strategies Based On Data

Your CRM has a centralized database for your staff, faculty, students, and families. You can use this data to plan your next action when you want to interact with them.

Hubspot is a great FREE CRM that allows you to get started and we helped countless schools with Hubspot.

Salesforce is a great CRM if you have multiple curriculums, campuses, and teams to manage. 

Here’s a good break down of other CRMs as well.

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  • Twitter
  • LinkedIN
  • Pinterest
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